A Quick New Years Devotional

Since New Years Day falls on a Sunday, we will not gather (we don't want to pull the custodians away from their families on New Years Day).

Instead, I have prepared for you a short devotional. It was something that has been on my heart since November, but could not find the time in our advent calendar to bring attention to it.

The idea came from a conversation I had with a friend who was a bit annoyed by the fact that his friends always talked about "God showing up." He was beginning to think that God was absent in his life because he didn't have the amazing "God Stories" that his pals had.

When God doesn't show up in a miraculous form, does it mean God is not present? Or more importantly, does it mean that He is not doing anything?

Perhaps we have reduced "God Moments" to miracles (and by miracles, I'm assuming most would define this as unexplainable events). But the truth is, God is always working (in the natural as well as the supernatural). Anybody can find God in a miracle; the maturity of a Christian is to find God's presence in the mundane things.

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Kats Omine

Kats Omine