Corinthian Problems 04: Love and Freedom

1 Corinthians 8-10

Imagine you are in the agora shopping for the upcoming barbecue. You notice that the price of meat is extremely high, so you keep shopping around. Suddenly, a man comes out of the temple with an amazing cut of meat. He yells out that its on sale.

You run over to the man and ask him if there's a catch. He assures you that the meat is good and there are no strings attached. He also adds that the meat was just used in a temple worship service. A group of people gave the meat to the temple as an offering to their gods.

Seeing that you are a Christian, and that you know for a fact that there is no other God than Jesus, you say to yourself, "Well, their gods are just stone statues." So, without thinking twice, you buy the meat for half the usual price and take it home.

Are you right in your assumptions? Yes. You are free in Christ to buy any meat and eat it.

However, as you are grilling the meet, another Christian comes to you and asks you where you bought the meat. You tell him the whole story. Midway through your explanation, the man stops you and reveals that he used to attend that temple before He was converted to Christianity.

He begins to tell you stories of the rituals he used to partake in at the temple. He recalls all the stories of the meat sacrifices, the prostitutes that pleasured him, the friends he made, and the songs they sang. You begin to notice a bit of sadness in his tone - a sadness that makes him desire the old lifestyle.

Did you do anything wrong? No. You are completely free to do whatever you want, including buying and grilling meat that was sacrificed to idols.

At this point, Paul gives a rule - let love trump over freedom. If we looked at this story from a perspective of legalism, you did everything right. However, if you viewed this scenario from a perspective of love, you realize that your freedom just caused your brother to stumble.

When we are free to do whatever we want, there is a very good chance that it will inconvenience someone. Let love trump over freedom.

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Kats Omine

Kats Omine