Hey Westlight!

We are starting the third week of our Detox. It's the time when the excitement and the idea of a Detox may be wearing off. The busyness of life or our rationalization or minimization will creep in. This is when structure, such as life groups and sharing with others become key. Remember what Pastor Stan said, "None of us have it all together, but we are all in this together." If you need help finding a Safe Person email me at

My tendency is to focus on God's love, grace and being a new creation and then I stop there. Many Christians get stuck here...frustrated...and wonder if God is moving. He is. In order to experience all that God has for us, we need to let go of those toxins that keep us stuck. Letting go so we can let love in will be the focus for the next five weeks.

Don't skip doing your Family Tree this week, as it will be super helpful for our Detox. Understanding who we are in the context of our family is vital. (That's why God includes genealogies in His story.) As Jordan shared, "Family matters!"

May His grace, love and strength give us the courage to do the hard work. Not so that we'll be good people and not to earn approval. May we Detox so that we can know and experience God's love more intimately and as a result, love Him and others in the same way.

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Lori Tamura

Lori Tamura