Need Help Memorizing Scripture?

It's the season to make resolutions! What's yours? If you feel the need to challenge yourself to memorize Scripture, I may have the app that could assist you in reaching your goal!

When I preach on a bible verse, I try my best to research and memorize it. The tool that has helped me to accomplish this in the last six months is called Verses.

I love that I am able to track my progress overall and independently within each book of the Bible. It offers multiple methods in which we memorize Scripture.

  • Listen mode: This mode allows you to learn audibly.
  • Tap to Reveal mode: If you are trying to memorize a section of verses, this mode will reveal a verse each time you tap on the screen.
  • Reorder mode: If you are trying to memorize a section of verses, this mode will scramble the order of the verses. Your job is to tap and drag the verses into the correct order.
  • Word Bank mode: This mode allows you to memorize words by filling in the blank. Once you complete the verse, the app will take away more words from the verse and challenge you again at a higher level.
  • Type Out mode: This is the hardest mode. You type out your verse on a blank document. It will record what you got right and wrong.

Offering multiple tools for memorization, it feels like a game as you achieve new levels and more of the verse is "unlocked" to you.

The reason this app stands out above the other bible memorization apps is for its clean interface. While this app is free, there is one downside. Our church teaches out of the New International Version of the Bible, and if you wish to memorize your verses in this format, then it will cost you $6.99. However, if you don't mind memorizing verses in other translations (KJV, etc.), it is absolutely free!

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Kats Omine

Kats Omine