Westlight 2016

2016 is quickly coming to a close, and I wanted to share with you the amazing movement of God at Westlight. We don't have any solid numbers to share with you (i.e. how many conversions, members, baptisms, money raised for our communities, etc.), because we're not about numbers. Numbers can be easily give us false hope.

A year ago, we decided to measure the health of our church by asking ourselves this question: Do we know each other well enough to know where you need Jesus the most? This question was meant to be asked within our congregations as well as our neighbors.

Here is a infographic that explains how we saw God move at Westlight in 2016, and how we will respond in 2017.


Here is a breakdown of the infographic:
Leadership: We truly believe in the leadership of our church we want you to know the roles of our two lead pastors. If you have ever wondered who is the lead of what, this quick description will answer your questions.

Key "wins" in 2016: New Life Groups, VBS, Outreach, Online Activities, Membership and Generosity.

Trend: We saw people take ownership of the church. All the key wins in 2016 were not prompted by the pastors, but dreamed and acted on by the members of our church. As Ephesians points out, the pastors are not the owners of the local church; we are gifts. The church belongs to the members.

Focus of 2017: If God is raising a congregation of people saying, "Westlight is our church!" then the pastors ought to continue that trend. We will be Empowering, Equipping, and Encouraging the church to dream of new ministries and improvements to old ministries.

MOSAIC: This is our theme for next year. We will help the church by helping them see God's Movement, learn how to be Obedient to His call, discover their Strengths (and weaknesses), see clear their unique Attributes, discover what the bible says (Intellect), and make sure it fits the cultural and political context.

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Kats Omine

Kats Omine